The ATPE Pre-School Teacher Training Program

The ATPE (Abilidade Téknika Pre-Eskolár) training program for pre-school teachers is offered in sets of 7-hour workshops to existing/practising teachers.

A teacher enrols to complete the Level, although some subjects can be taken as individual units.

Currently Level 1 is being taught. Level 2 will follow for those who have been successful at the first level.


Level 1  

  • Developing Creative Thinking [21 hours training]
  • Developing Critical Thinking [35 hours training]
  • Learning Handwriting [14 hours training]
  • Developing Gross Motor Skills [28 hours training]
  • Reading to children – for the story [42 hours training]
  • Learning Mathematics – Basic [56 hours training] – under development

Level 2

  • Developing Virtues
  • Exploring Emotions
  • Developing Fine Motor Skills
  • Activity Based Teaching


The program is delivered as 7-hour workshops. These workshops are grouped into a Set of five workshops. This set of workshops is delivered regularly, such as every Saturday. They can also be delivered five days in a row – which suits teachers from the Districts.

The learning then reverts to the workplace where teachers are required to complete homework assessments and transfer the skills they have learned into their classroom practice.

Level 1 consists of four (4) sets of workshops (each set consists of five), with each set ideally spaced at one to two terms. At the completion of these four sets of workshops, it is planned that successful teachers will move to the second level of training.

In-school Mentoring

Another feature of the program is that the Trainers are available to visit schools to provide mentoring to the teachers as they transfer their new skills into their classroom practice.

The Program

7-hour Workshops delivered in sets of 5 / 6
* under development, not offered till 2014








Set 1

Handwriting A Reading A Critical -
Picture Sequencing
Maths A**


Reading B Critical – Actions & Consequences

Set 2

Handwriting B Reading C Critical -
Creative A Gross A Maths B**

Set 3

Reading D
Critical -
Creative B Gross B Maths C**


Critical –
Decision Making

Set 4

Reading E
Creative C Gross C Maths D**
  Reading F
Maths E**

Exploring Emotions; Developing Virtues; Developing Fine Motor Skills;

Activity-based teaching

** under development, not offered till 2014