About ATPE

The Abilidade Téknika Pre-Eskolár (ATPE) project had its beginnings six years ago when the Rotary Club of Richmond, Australia sent Kindy Boxes to Dili to be distributed to a group of kindergartens (which subsequently became known as TaLiHa). It soon became evident that the resources were not being fully utilised. Resources alone were of minimum value – the teachers needed to be trained in the use of the resources within a structured learning environment.

A group of internationals then designed and delivered training to the TaLiHa teachers in Dili. By 2011, this had developed into a training package with:

  • Teacher Manuals
  • Trainer Manuals & Lesson Plans
  • Classroom exercises
  • Assessment tools
  • Resources

Since 2012 the project has been preparing to hand-over responsibility for the delivery of the training to Timorese teachers who had participated in the training and shown special aptitude! These teachers now participate in on-going training to give them an in-depth knowledge of the course content. In 2012 two of them completed the accredited Certificate 3 and Certificate 4 in ToT (Train the Trainer).

The Timorese trainers are now delivering the training independent of the internationals, but with their on-going support and monitoring.

The ATPE Teacher Training Course is a program delivered by East Timor Development Agency (ETDA).